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A roguelike inspired by Slay the Spire


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Alive or Asleep is a roguelike with a card combat system that's blatantly inspired by the great Slay the Spire. So much so, that even the cards you can use have identical effects as in Slay the Spire by Mega Crit Games.

The dungeons in Alive or Asleep are generated randomly, each time you start a new game, so you never have to face the same challenge twice. While you explore dungeons you can find all kinds of monsters, treasures and random events where you're the one to make key strategic decisions in order to survive.

Combat systems in Alive or Asleep are also exactly the same as Slay the Spire. At the bottom of the screen you'll find cards that you can draw from in order to play them during your turn, provided you have sufficient energy points, that is. At any moment throughout the game you'll know what your opponent's next move is, so you'll need to set up a solid offensive strategy if you want to survive.

Alive or Asleep is an excellent card roguelike that combines the mechanics of Slay the Spire with visuals inspired by Darkest Dungeon; offering a game that's very solid. Its only drawback, however, is its total lack of originality.
By Erika Okumura
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Alive or Asleep is an excellent clone of Slay the Spire for Android

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Android 4.1 or higher